Salon Opening

I'm back! After 17 years of working under the watchful eyes of two former British hairdressers of the year, I've returned to my old stomping ground and gone solo!

Which is great news for all of you who know my talents and also for those of you who don’t - yet

It has always been a dream of mine, to one day open a salon of my own. But not just any salon, I wanted to bring back a salon whilst being at the forefront of hair, also feels like the friendly neighbourhood salons of times gone…

Women would spend hours in the hood dryers exchanging stories, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, thumbing through a woman’s weekly. To those women they were more than a salon, it would was a weekly social affair and an indulgent treat to always look forward to!

I wanted to take that experience and to be able to add my own personality to it. So imagine my surprise when a family friend announces that they may have a solution, and its back in Wollaston, The old doctors surgery!.. I jumped at the chance. A couple of days later I went to see it, and instantly knew that this was the place that was going to be the start of something big.

After a few months of meetings and lots of paperwork, I started with the design, on a recent trip to the Netherlands I’d fallen in love with the painted brickwork, more specifically grey painted brickwork, I loved that the cool masculine grey highlighted the texture in the brickwork. So from that the inspiration came to paint the outside of my salon, Inside I wanted a modern classic, from the walnut flooring through to the exposed brickwork and all the way to the fresh take on the classic side tables.

I also looked at the experience of a salon, and that's why I took a little extra care with the waiting room. How can I help facilitate a better experience? I cannot change the waiting times but I can change the surroundings.

The first thing I wanted was a self service nail bar, and complementary hot and cold drinks. From coffee to a bit of bubbly our well stocked fridge is for you to use. We shall also have some fresh baked goods on hand should you wish to succumb. I will have a big TV showing the latest in fashion/art/culture. An iPad for you to use and the latest magazines, or whether you want to read the latest newspapers everything will be catered for.

Its also no lie that hairdressers develop a close relationship with their clients, and as such I want you all to feel like that you are getting the individual attention either by me or by my staff at all times. Whether you have walked in through to reception or in the middle of your blow dry. I want you to feel pampered, to feel special because nobody deserves it more.

Tim xxx

3 Responses

  1. I,m so pleased for you Tim. I know you will be very successful in your new exciting venture. Good luck you deserve the very best. Love Jean xx
  2. Congratulations Tim, very happy for you and to see many more TSW Salons :-) Lukey x
  3. Your comment* Great! I cannot wait to see you again and for you to perform those miracles on my hair again. I am so happy for you Tim. Just hope I can get an appointment soon. Yay!