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10 Hair Styling Tips from Tim Scott Wright


"I’m often asked as a hairdresser for tips on how to get the best results for styling at home. Here's a few secrets that will help with your home hairstyling and care to keep your hair looking tip top all of the time."

1. Dry Shampoo - Dry Shampoo is a must for mid week or the morning after lazy hair days. Simply spray in at the roots to eliminate any oily roots and give the hair a some added volume when your hair is feeling the mid week blues.

2. Invest in great hair care! I cannot stress how important it is to take your stylists advice on the products they use to create the style you walk out of the salon with. After spending sometimes hundreds of pounds on the perfect cut and colour its sacrilege to then use second rate products. Using the right Shampoo and Conditioner will add longevity to your colour and cut in-between salon visits. Trust me , you won’t know a bad shampoo until you’ve run out of your good one!!

3. Velcro rollers - They are the best way to give your hair added volume. Add a few of these into the hair after blowdrying with a little bit of hair spray, a hot air blast and allow to sit in the hair for a few minutes to cool down. You will instantly have 3 times more volume.

4. Fake it! All those pics of celebs like Cheryl Cole you see now with a mane of glossy flowing locks usually come with a little help. To help get that kind of look a few extensions or temporary extensions on the underneath of the hair will help pad out finer heads of hair and give you the full on glam look that allot of women sport these days.

5. Accessorise. Turn the most simple of pony tails, or top knots into an evening look with a host of hair accessories, Its a quick and easy way to change the look of your hair without having to change your hair.

6. Back combing. The bigger the better i say, what was considered a no no in recent years  has made a huge come back, with the influx of 60’s inspired up dos and fuller volumes  looks backcombing is the best way to help create these looks. My tip here is to always brush out with a natural bristle brush ! NEVER comb out this will rip and tear the hair.

7. Curling irons - People always get into a mess when trying to curl with irons. My way simulates the way in which you would curl ribbon with scissors for wrapping presents etc.
Simply place the straighteners in horizontally at the roots on the section of hair, turn round one full rotation with them and slowly pull down the length of the hair. Trust me it works a treat.

8. Powerful hairdryer - A good hairdryer will cut blowdrying time by half. Clients generally hate doing their own hair. Invest in a powerful hairdryer. A more powerful hairdryer will aid in smoothing the cuticle of the hair down thus giving more shine and simply cut down your styling time thus giving you an extra 15 minutes in bed on a morning : )

9. Root Colour touch sprays. For those of us who have grey hair and can’t bare it after the 3 week mark when we see a silver line creeping in through the parting, get hold of a coloured powder spray, its an instant fix in-between salon visits and they come in a variety of colours to match up to your own.

10. Stop Straightening every day!!!!! This is part of my holy grail for hair. Most damage to clients hair these days is from what most consider they’re saviour. Break the cycle or your hair will suffer, cut out irons to once or twice a week, your hair will be back in great condition before you know it.

Tim's unique approach


A tailored hairstyle

Each client has a different face shape, skin tone and hair texture, and as such each hairstyle should be tailored for that specific clients needs to create the best possible results.

Style Consultation

Consultation is paramount to me, I believe that if you get a clear understanding of what a clients and wants from a haircut and colour then you are 90% there on your hair journey.

Personalised Hair Colour

Colouring hair should be a bespoke service that makes your hair colour personalised to you, this is drummed into each and every one of my colourists. Your hair is as individual as you are.


I am deeply passionate about haircutting, I work with the hair’s natural texture and movement to create your tailored haircut, to not only suit your face shape and hair texture but also your lifestyle.