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Salon Update

It comes as little surprise that as of midnight tonight Stourbridge will move into Tier 4 as we fall under Dudley borough. Therefore it is with a heavy heart that we are forced to close the salon once more.Anyone who had appointments tomorrow and going forward into January please don’t turn up for your appointments.…
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Salon International 2017

We had an absolute blast at this years Salon International at the exCel centre in London showing off our new collection.

Thank you to Hairdressers Journal for the opportunity to show off our talents on your stage and thank you to Brooke Evans, Teri Ellen Lowe, James Nicklin, Olivia Downing, Megan Priest and of course Andreas Nicoli for all of your hard work and dedication! Also a big thank you to Clare Frith for your exceptional taste in clothes, and Roseanna Velin for your incredible make up skills!

So until next year here is some of the best bits!

Much Love,
Tim xxx

Trend Alert | Award Season Hair

Award Season HairFebruary hosts a number of different award ceremonies here in the UK and across the pond, celebrating both film and music and whilst we’ve enjoyed the award ceremonies we can’t help but take note of any new hair trends emerging.When we think of Hollywood bombshells, it’s almost inevitable that we picture a head…
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The “Big Hair Do” Update

The “Big Hair Do”Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the “Big Hair Do” and for your outstanding generosity!Because of everyone who participated in the fundraising activities during the night, I’m thrilled to say that we have raised over £500.00 for the Deansley Unit at New Cross Hospital in…
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Trend Alert! | Summer Hair Care

Holiday Hair CareEverybody loves that little ray sunshine full of vitamin D that makes you feel wonderful and the world a better place! But when you’re slathering on the sun cream in an effort to protect your skin you need to remember that it’s just as important to protect your hair! Yes you heard us…
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