Celebrity Hairstyles

Clients always seem to apologise to me for bringing a picture with them. To this I reply; "don’t apologise". Hairdressers are creatively visual people, and using a visual aid is the best way to get your message across.

So here are a few celeb pictures that i usually whip out during a consultation so that the client and i are singing off the same page… There's something in this bunch of beauties that should cater for every woman…

1. Nicole Scherzinger (Above)
Nicole Gives every woman hair envy, the former pussycat doll and X Factor judge seems to always get it right in the hair stakes. Wether it be her previous liquorice dark hue or her current delicious subtle golden ombre team this with what I  call a full on glamour blow-dry and your hair most definitely will have the X factor…

2. Fearne Cotton (Below)
Fearne always Gets the tone of her blonde right, she has a super cool vibe around her and seems to be bang on trend with hair cut and colour. So if your looking for what's hot for blondes then Fearne is usually your gal.

3. Anne Hathaway - and that crop (Below))
If you're feeling brave and want to go for the short option then its important to get the right short hair cut for your face shape - not everyone can take off an urchin style pixie crop. Always make sure your new shorter hair oozes femininity and glamour. This hair cut on Anne Hathaway is always a great example of how to get it right. You will instantly feel at ease going shorter when your stylist knows exactly how short you were thinking!!!

4. Sharon Stone (Below)
Sharon Stone is also a great example of how to do short hair well on women over the age of 50. Softness around the edges and hairline of the haircut are essential…  So keep these areas longer. Go crazy on the interior of the haircut, this can be shorter and more textured to make the haircut look younger and a little more sassy. This is always in my top hairstyles to show during a consultation.

5. Helen Mirren (Below)
Mirren Mirren on the wall… What can i say about this lady?? she optimises glamour and beauty for women in they’re 60’s Last years pink that she showed off at awards ceremonies showed that she can still rock a pastel tone shot with the younger chicks out there. Women in thyre 60s should always look to Helen for inspiration. She effortlessly gets it right every time.

6. Jane Fonda (Below)
Jane is a hair icon, she has always been known for her on trend hairstyles, even from her early role as Barbarella…Now in her 70’s she is still ahead of her game and frequently is used as a point of reference for me when talking to more mature clients about getting the best out of they’re hair. Not bad for 70 eh??



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