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Award Season Hair

February hosts a number of different award ceremonies here in the UK and across the pond, celebrating both film and music and whilst we’ve enjoyed the award ceremonies we can’t help but take note of any new hair trends emerging.

When we think of Hollywood bombshells, it’s almost inevitable that we picture a head of immaculately-coiffed, structured hair. Since the earliest days of the red carpet, leading-lady glamour has been all about curvaceous shapes; from undulating curves in snug-fitting gowns and cherry-red full lips to sensuous, snaking curls.

Over the last decade an Oscars ceremony will show actresses sporting masses of glamourous curls.

But this year it’s all about breaking tradition. The red-carpet glamour has had a modern makeover.

This year at the BAFTA’s, Grammy’s, the BRIT awards and the Oscar’s we’ve noticed the beautiful celebrities gracing the red carpet are taking it back to basics with simple hair styling

Hair has been worn down and long, either poker straight or with some texture running through. Gone are the intricate and extravagant up-do’s this season and we’ve waved goodbye to the hair accessory as it’s now all about the ‘power hair’, hair that makes a statement.

Channelling mermaid vibes, we saw some celebrities wearing their hair down with soft, natural texture through it. It’s a much looser look to the Hollywood waves we’re used to. With a beachy texture, the hair looks more fresh and ‘real’

Salt spray or a spray wax will be your best friend for this look and the trick is to work with your natural texture.

It’s time to dust off those hair straighteners for ‘power hair’ version 2! With a nod to the 00s trend, we saw poker straight, waist length hair making a big come back.

The key to this look is to protect the hair with heat protectant products and use lots of high shine. It’s about long, healthy, silky looking hair!

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