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Geoconcrete | Team Shoot

Geoconcrete | Team Shoot


You've seen the video highlights, now take a look at the GEO CONCRETE collection by my very talented team. Well done great work team, great results. We hope you like!

Much Love

Tim xxx

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Big Hair Do!

The fantastic @SchwarzkopfProfessional BC Oil Miracle Range will be available in the goodie bags at our BIG HAIR DO event in September. Reserve your free place now to receive some top product advice and hair tips!
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Summer Hair Style Guide

  • Summer Up-Dos page 1
  • Summer Up-Do’s Page 2
  • Summer Up-Do’s Page 3

Summer Up-Dos page 1Summer Up-Do's Page 2 Summer Up-Do's Page 3

Style Library – 30 Second Up Do

  Here's my new video up on YouTube! In this video, I show you some little tips and tricks on getting that perfect elegant evening up do in 30 seconds flat! I hope you all enjoy! Also don't forget to share and to subscribe to my channel! Much Love Tim xxx   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GYybEYVI0Q&list=PLXc25eKKiw1BfeXVzXYsj8D7idKuu2YVV&index=1
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